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Silicone tube

Silicone tube

Silicone tubes, also known as silicone tubes, are liquid and gas and other materials circulating and coating carriers.
Common silicone tubes are: medical silicone tube, food grade silicone tube, industrial silicone tube, silicone shaped tube, silicone tube fittings.
Medical silicone tube is mainly used for medical equipment accessories, medical catheters, and antibacterial design to ensure safe use.
Food grade silicone tubing is used for water dispensers, coffee machine diversion pipes, and waterproof line protection for household appliances.
Industrial silicone tube is used for special environmental protection, electrical and other special environmental protection carrier circulation, using special performance silica gel.
Silicone tubes are available in a wide range of sizes and models. The silicone tube is pollution-free. It is strictly tested by sgs. It is made of rohs, pahs and silicone tube. It is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. It is strictly tested by SGS. It is made of RoHs, PAHs and eight heavy metals. It is 100% completely non-toxic and tasteless.
The scope of use is as follows:
Fine silica gel, silicone tube (bar), high pressure resistant silicone tube, gear-shaped silicone tube, sealing strip, shaped strip, food grade (non-toxic) silicone tube (strip), medical silicone tube, medicinal silicone tube, braid Silicone tube (for conveying working pressure, liquid food, pharmaceutical and biological products), medical silicone tube joint, silicone sealing tube, flame retardant tube (strip), silicone foam tube (strip), high temperature resistant silicone tube; Performance: cold and high temperature resistance. Harmless, non-toxic and tasteless; suitable for: small household appliances (coffee pot, kettle, iron, rice cooker, frying pan, disinfection cabinet water dispenser, pulp machine, bread machine, burning appliances, water heaters, etc.) and electronics, Support for automotive, medical and other mechanical products
Silicone tube is used in aviation, electronics, petroleum, chemical, machinery, electrical, medical, oven, food and other industrial production. Many model products and industrial accessory products can also be produced. For example, various medical grade silicone tubes, bottle straws, silicone strips, nipples, silicone tableware, O-rings, gaskets, cups, oil seals, shutters, shock absorbers and diaphragms, vials, etc. Because silicone rubber is non-toxic, non-adhesive with other materials, and can withstand multiple cooking and disinfecting characteristics, it can also be widely used in medical and food industries, such as medical equipment, drinking water equipment, sports equipment, electronics, electrical appliances, Lighting, audio, toys, security monitoring, automotive, industrial machinery and equipment. In addition, silicone rubber factory silicone rubber can also be used as a coating and sealing of various electronic tubes or electrical components, with moisture, dust and shockproof effects.
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