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Hose series

Hose series

A type of tubular rubber article used to transport gas, liquid, slurry or granular materials. It consists of inner and outer rubber layers and skeleton layers. The material of the skeleton layer can be cotton fiber, various synthetic fibers, carbon fiber or asbestos, steel wire and the like. The inner and outer rubber layers of the hose are made of natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber or butadiene rubber; the oil resistant hose is made of neoprene or nitrile rubber; the acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant hose is made of ethylene propylene rubber, fluorine rubber or silicone rubber.
The structure of the hose can be divided into: an inner rubber layer, an outer rubber layer and a skeleton layer (or an intermediate layer). The inner rubber layer directly bears the wear and erosion of the conveying medium; the outer rubber layer protects the inner body of the rubber hose from the damage and erosion of the external environment; the skeleton layer is the bearing layer of the rubber tube, which imparts strength and rigidity to the pipe body.
According to the skeleton layer hose, it can be divided into the following types: full rubber hose (no fabric material), cloth hose (the skeleton layer is the cloth layer), suction hose (there is also a layer of metal spiral outside the cloth layer, suitable for under negative pressure conditions) Work), braided hose (the skeleton layer is braided steel wire or fabric), winding hose (the skeleton layer is steel wire or wire wound layer, the bearing capacity is usually 80~600MPa or higher), knitting hose (the skeleton layer is Knitted fabric), short-fiber hose (short fiber and rubber blended).
The company's main products are rubber pipe, sealing strip series, sealant series, of which rubber pipe has won three patents, and the market share of various types of heaters in the country is over 90%. The company will serve the society with high quality products. And provide good technical support and after-sales service.
The company pursues the enterprise tenet of "people-oriented, science and technology development", creating characteristics with quality, creating characteristics with quality, seeking efficiency with quality, promoting development with competition, and marching toward the goal of first-class enterprise.

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